Wedding Invitations 5 New Trends for 2012

Choosing your wedding invitations can be as involved and overwhelming as choosing your wedding dress the sheer choice of styles and designs alone is enough to send any brides head into a spin.

As with many things in this world, fashion can dictate our choices and wedding invitations are no exception. It simply isn’t a matter of traditional over contemporary anymore; wedding invitations have to coordinate with styles, themes, color schemes and the latest trends.

Here are five trends for wedding invitations for 2012

1. Incorporate the-Seasons A seasonal wedding theme was not a popular choice in the past, perhaps the only exception was for a fall wedding where brides would incorporate fall colors into their weddings. However, seasonal wedding themes are a big trend these days and Purple Wedding Invitations are reflecting colors and motifs, patterns and designs relating to the fours seasons.

Typically, seasonal themes will look like this

• Spring-pastel shades, daffodils, Easter motifs, birds, bees and butterflies
• Summer-vibrant shades and some pastels, roses, peonies, summer fruits, birds, butterflies and sunshine
• Fall-reds, oranges, gold’s, browns and yellows, leaves, pumpkins and harvest
• Winter-white, blue, silver, purple and festive holiday colors red, green; holiday symbols, snow, ice, tarten, robins, snowmen and gingerbread.

2. Straight Lines and Borders-Simple invitations are incorporating straight lines and think borders into their design. Some will have embossed borders, whilst more contemporary styles will have on thick line down one side, perhaps printed with the couples names or the words ‘wedding invitation’.

3. Bright Colors-It seems that couples are being bold with color these days. Gone are the traditional pastel pinks and pale creams and instead couples are opting for muted shades of green, blue, red and orange. Whilst others are even bolder, choosing vibrant shades of aqua, hot pink, bright red and chartreuse. A combination of bright colors and exciting designs can lift a wedding invitation from ordinary to unique and will give your guests a real wow moment when they first open the envelope
4. Unique Fonts-Experimenting with different fonts is a big trend this year. Instead of traditional script, couples are choosing more modern and contemporary fonts, perhaps incorporating two very different fonts into their invitations, maybe using larger letter sizes for the first letters of each word. Whilst traditional invitations will still use scripts and calligraphy styles, modern and contemporary invitations look more like slick advertisements than wedding invitations choose a font that will reflect your wedding style.

5. Re wording-This means to play around with the wording of your wedding invitations to fit the style of your wedding. Most invitation templates will have wording for a formal, traditional wedding, probably hosted by the bride’s parents. However, these days it is far more common for the couple themselves to be the hosts and for the wedding to be a more relaxed affair. Personally, I think that as long as your invitation includes the guest’s names, your names, the time, date and location you can word however you want My wedding invitations were written from our dog It led to some very interesting reply cards from her canine friends

It seems to be the case this year that anything goes when it comes to wedding invitations. The traditional and somewhat stuffy invitations of old, complete with wedding motifs such as bells, doves and rings, are in the past. Couples want bright colors, interesting designs, modern fonts and wording which reflect the style of their wedding.

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