Royalty and Elegant Purple Wedding Invitations

Weddings are big days for all the brides and grooms, and every part of the wedding cannot be ignored, especially the wedding invitations.A perfect wedding card gives a primal and brief insight to the guests how the wedding might actually be. Under this circumstance, it is not that easy to pick the suitable invites,for the theme ,place, time of your wedding and other factors have to be considered. When it comes to the theme of wedding invites, the color of the invites can be very important.

purple hearts wedding invitations

When picking the color of your invitation cards, the time of your wedding should especially be taken into consideration, and of course your favorites as well.Traditionally, ivory and white may be the main color of the wedding cards. And colors like purple and orange has become more and more popular in recent years. Today we will talking about purple wedding invitations.

Purple and Gold Wedding Invitation

Often considered the color of royalty, purple is romantic, regal and flattering to almost all skin tones. It is a perfect combination of red-hot and cool blue. A deep purple is said to evoke passion, and that’s just right for your wedding day. A soft purple, like lavender is romantic and delicate enough.If your big day is in spring, use shades such as lilac and lavender; the brighter purple hues for summer and more royalty deep and dark purples for both fall and winter.

Combining several shades makes your wedding invites particularly beautiful.Purple goes well with ivory,cream ,gold, lime green,etc.Here are some examples for you.

purple envelope wedding invitations

Ivory and dark purple:When print your wedding wordings ,ivory paper and dark purple print can be wonderful, and also you can use lilac insert cards and envelopes with dark purple printing.

Purple and lime green: Purple and lime green create a powerful color contrast and a extraordinary romantic feel to your wedding stationery. This color combination can be used if you prefer a vintage style wedding.

Purple Wedding Invitations

Lavender and dark purple: Lavender and dark purple would certainly enhance the royalty and elegant feel of your wedding. It will deeply impressed your guests how the wedding will be.

To really carry out your theme color, in addition to the Purple Wedding Invitations, the decorations of your wedding should be purple as well. For instance, you can decorate the aisle pews with garlands of tulle or wide ribbon in purple and attach a large bow at the top of each swag.And if purple or lavender ring pillows, unity candles,and guest books can be found on your wedding ,that’s will definitely be fabulous.



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