Beautiful But Simple Wedding

Brides and grooms do not always have the budget or the desire for an extravagant and formal wedding. Though you may be short on funds, you can still have a beautiful wedding. Keep everything simple and slightly casual. Planning a simple wedding is moderately easy to do, and will help you avoid starting out your marriage in debt.

beautiful simple wedding ideas
Make a guest list for your event. To keep it simple, limit the guests to close friends and family.

Choose the venue for your wedding. Local parks and community churches will often let you rent out their space very inexpensively, and sometimes have separate areas that can be used for receptions as well. This will save you money while still providing you with a formal wedding space.


Choose a color scheme and theme for your wedding. This will keep everything looking beautiful and uniform. A color scheme gives you a foundation for decorating.

Buy your flowers from a local grower or online wholesaler. This will cut out florist fees while still allowing you to have your choice of flowers at your wedding. Note that you will have to arrange all of the flowers yourself, so you may consider taking classes on floral arranging prior to receiving your flowers. Choose in-season flowers to keep costs down.

Buy your decorations secondhand or from dollar stores. Brides often sell their used decorations inexpensively, and dollar stores often sell a wide selection of candles and vases for bargain prices.

Have your cake made by a local bakery. Grocery store bakeries are often able to create custom wedding cakes for far less money than a baker specializing in weddings.



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