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Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be a challenging but fun task. Here are some great baby shower ideas for your special party.

Party Food

Firstly, you must decide on what types of baby shower food you will have for your guests. Food is an excellent idea for a centerpiece as well. One great idea for party food is baby shower cakes. These cakes can include a variety of flavors, including ice cream cakes and cheesecakes.

There are so many other baby shower recipes that you can use. Mostly people will always appreciate good food, but you can also use blue and pink themes to create the mood. Shaping your food into rubber duck or teddy bear shapes is another great idea.

Candy and snacks are also nice to have on the table. One favorite idea is to get regular chocolate bars and decorate them with baby shower candy wrappers. These will make a tasty treat for all of your guests.

Party Themes

Try to think of some possible baby shower themes if you like. Any baby related items like bottles, diapers, and pacifiers are good ideas. Also storks and angels are great symbolic themes.


Baby shower crafts can be made if you are an artistic person. Perhaps the most popular craft idea is a baby shower diaper cake. These “cakes” are made of diapers, towels, and other useful baby items. They are not really cakes, but look like them and make a great centerpiece.

Homemade baby shower favors are another nice touch if you are a crafty person. Candles, soaps, and ceramic figurines are just a few ideas for favors for your guests. Some more nice baby shower favors to make are cookies and bath salts.

If you are a good writer, then you can create your own baby shower poems. These poems can be used for many purposes including decorations and favors. These poems are also great ideas for baby shower invitation wording. If you are not much of a writer, you can still create shorter baby shower verses that can be used.

Games and Entertainment

Finally, you will want some good baby shower game ideas. Games can include something simple like guessing the number or mini pacifiers in the bottle or variations of other games, like baby bingo. To make it even more fun, include some baby shower prizes for the winner.