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How to Make an Invitation for Your Baby Shower

Baby shower is a custom in some regions, such as European and Australia.

It is held to relieve the pressure and dread of the mother-to-be, in addition, to let friends and relatives to send their blessings and share the happiness of welcoming a new baby. Through a baby shower, mothers can exchange experiences, which will be helpful to the mother-to-be, especially for one who is expecting her first baby.

How to make baby shower invitations?

Sending invitation can not only show your respect to your friends, but also show the importance you attached to the event. Since the space is limited, the content you write on the invitations should be simple and clear. Because the participants of a baby shower are all close friends, therefore, you can choose informal and plain sentences, which can show your affability and enthusiasm.

The design of baby shower invitations

If you are expecting a baby boy, you can choose blue color baby owl invitations, otherwise use pink ones. You can put one type-B ultrasonic image of your baby on the invitation. Of course, you can let your friends enjoy other photos of your baby in different stages in your house.

Babies are blessings from god. A great baby shower can let your friends share the happiness with you, and make you more prepared mentally for the upcoming new life.

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Samples of Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby shower invitation wording is a very important detail, next to the design that you choose from your baby shower theme. The wording ideas found here can be added to your baby shower invites for dedication to your new baby.

Wording for a Baby Shower Invites

Choosing the perfect baby shower invitation wording can be a difficult task. However, those few words featured on a great baby shower design can make your invitations extremely cute and clever. The wording for your baby shower invites can include poems, verses, or an abundance of baby-related sayings. Once you have found your favorite invitation wording, add them to the invitation design of your choice, whether a purchased card or your very own desktop publishing creation.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes

Boy or Girl? No One Knows

  • We’re Expecting a Baby

    And You’re Invited!


     Have You Heard the Forecast?

    A Baby is Predicted,

    But First There Will Be a Shower!

    Will You Come?


    Please Join Us

    for a

    Baby Shower

    in Honor of

    [Name Here]


    The Moment a Child is Born

    the Mother is also Born

    She Never Existed Before

    The Woman Existed

    But the Mother, Never.

    A Mother is Something Absolutely New.


    Please Join Us for a Baby Shower


    [Name Here]

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    Expecting a Girl: Baby Shower Invitations

    We Are Tickled Pink

    And Happy to Say…

    A Sweet Little Pea

    Is On Her Way!


    A Giggle, A Curl

    A Sweet Little Girl

    Please Join Us

    for a

    Baby Shower


    Pink and Yellow Balloons

    Pink and Yellow Balloons

    We Are Tickled Pink and Happy to Say

    A Baby Girl is on the Way

    Let’s Honor [Name] and Celebrate,

    An Evening of Fun Will Be Worth the Wait!


    Soft as a Whisper

    So Precious and Sweet

    Tiny Perfection

    From Her Head to Her Feet!

    Come Meet Baby [Baby’s Name]

    at a Shower for [Mom’s Name]

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    Expecting a Boy: Baby Shower Invitations

    Soft and Sweet

    A Bundle of Joy

    My Mommy is Expecting a Boy!

    (Invite for a Second Child)


    Soft and Sweet

    And a Bundle of Joy

    [Mom’s Name] is Expecting a Boy!

    Please Join Us!


    Baby Feet A Sweet Little Boy

    To Tuck in All Snug

    To Love and to Cuddle

    To Kiss and to Hug


    Friends of the Jungle/Zoo/Circus

    Have Gathered to Say

    A Brand New Baby

    Is On His Way

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    The Basics of a Baby Shower Invitation

    When writing Baby Shower Invitation Wording, there are a few essential components that should be added to every invite. These tell your guests who, when, where, and how the baby shower is planned. The basic wording that should be featured inside a baby shower invitation can be found below. This should be placed beneath the wording ideas suggested above.

    Name of the Guest of Honor




    Surprise Party?

    RSVP Date / Phone # / E-mail

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    In Conclusion

    The words that will be seen by the guests of your baby shower should be close to your heart and dedicated to your baby-to-be. The wording for baby shower invitations can be found above and used inside or on the cover of your Baby Shower Theme & chosen baby shower invite design.


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