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Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Baby boy shower invitations can be as simple or as elaborate as the hostess chooses.

While lace and ruffles are probably to be eliminated from consideration,  there are still plenty of ways to be creative with your shower invitations.

baby shower boy invitations

Remember that your baby boy shower invitation should include all the appropriate information – time, date and location of the event. But these invitations are also an opportunity to share some other information with the attendees.

You might include the due date, names being considered or a poem that reflects the wonder of the coming event.

But how do you do all that when the typical baby boy shower invitation only has space for a few pieces of information? The answer is to create your own shower invitations right on your home bottle shower invitations boy

There are dozens of programs available for making all kinds of greeting cards on your computer, or you can simply use an existing program to make wonderful and unique baby boy shower invitations. All you really need from a program is the ability to adjust text and font size. And you don’t need to be a computer genius in order to manipulate the programs to allow the creation of great invitations.

You should probably start with card stock, though any heavy paper will work for your invitations. Card stock is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and designs. With a greeting card program, you can create a front and back of a card and your printer will automatically print the appropriate places.

If you work on your own design using a typical word processing program, you may have to run the pages through the printer two times in order to get both front and back printed.

With the card programs (and some word processing programs), you can import photos to make the baby boy invitation even more personalised.

You can make your own baby shower cards. There are of course many baby shower invitations readily available online of in stores.

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Custom Girl Baby Shower Invitations

I cannot imagine a more warm and happy occasion than a baby girl shower, unless of course it’s a baby boy shower and the baby boy happens to be yours. That would certainly be understandable, even to the one expecting the baby girl. Without continuing down that silly path, let’s talk about custom girl baby shower invitations.
baby peanut girl baby shower invitaitons
First of all, to be in the position of ordering the invitations is an honor and pleasure; though the overall shower hostess responsibilities can be a little costly and time consuming. It speaks well of you, and it also speaks of the love and respect that the mommy-to-be has for you. You want to do all that you can to make her day special, and you will no doubt do just that.

Before ordering the invitations, there are a few things you need to know. While the mommy-to-be is the one you want to most please, you want to be considerate of others as well. The average age of the group and overall mix usually has some bearing on the specifics of your shower invitations. For example, if the group will include husbands then you may not want to make your invitations with quite so much of a feminine flair, though flaming pink is always acceptable for baby girl showers.
photo baby shower invitations
You also want to know the final decision regarding food. If the shower is being held around the noon hour, it’s usually understood that lunch will be provided, but you will want to mention that in your invitations.

And of course before actually ordering your shower invitations you need to know the names and addresses of all the invitees. Be very careful not to leave anyone out. Make sure that someone has spoken with the couple, of course, but also with their best friends and parents. An oversight here could really hurt someone’s feelings, and you sure don’t want that.

With the details you need in hand, you’re ready to order your shower invitations, and there’s only one reasonable consideration and that’s online. When you think about all of the choices that are available online, and the control you have to place orders exactly the way you want them, it’s the only place that makes any sense at all.

Just go online to a web site that has card design choices that fit your needs, features and options that you like, an ordering interface that’s easy to use, and the right technology. photo custom baby shower girl invitations
It will walk you through each step, which will include picking out the card design that you like best, a good invitation message that you can change some to fit your needs, stylish fonts to have them printed in, and the ability to upload a picture and make it a photo card invitation, if you like. The technology will allow you to see your invitation on your screen and make the changes you feel are best. Once completed, you place your order.

That’s how you make custom girl baby shower invitations. You make the choices that fit you and your particular needs best, and technology does all the rest. You will actually be quite excited when you see your baby girl shower invitations, especially knowing that you customized and personalized them yourself.

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Printing Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

The concept of DIY (“do it yourself”) is becoming very popular on the internet. Although these words have long been associated with the home and hardware industries, the phrase is becoming associated with the internet as more people gain access and operating speeds become much faster and more opportunities are being presented to the customer over the internet. ( )

One such area gaining in popularity on the web is printable invitations. Designing and printing your own invitations saves you both time and money and these benefits are attractive to potential customers. There are many types of printable invitations ranging from birthday invitations, party invitations, christening invitations through to printable baby shower invitations.

printing your own baby shower invitations

Home computers and printers can now be purchased at affordable prices and there are many websites which provide printable baby shower invitations templates which can be personalised online and the artwork downloaded. Some even offer printable baby shower invitations which can be downloaded for free. The designs available online are professional and the quality of the print produced on a home printer is very good.

Printable baby shower invitations make much more sense. Usually only close family and friends attend a baby shower gathering so it is unlikely more than 20 invitations will be required. Invitations can be created and personalised online and many websites are interactive which allows a proof of your invitation to be viewed online before you order. Printing your own baby shower invitations means you have no extra worries about whether the invitations will be printed correctly and no headaches about delivery. The beauty of printable baby shower invitations is you’ll always have a copy of the artwork and the option to print as many baby shower invitations as you need, so if you run out you can always print more!

So for many customers who like to shop online, printable invitations are becoming a more popular choice. For mums-to-be printable baby shower invitations are becoming the preferred choice when it comes to organising invites for baby showers. Mums-to-be have so much to organise before the arrival of a new baby and so many new purchases to make, printing your own baby shower invitations makes sense as it saves both time and money. In addition, you have the artwork so can print a copy for your baby’s keepsake box and keep a copy on the computer for you as a memory and to show your baby in future years to come.
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When to Register Baby Shower Gifts?

Traditionally, a baby shower is held a month or two before the expected delivery date of the mom. The host of this event could be the best friend of the mom-to-be, a colleague, or anyone in the family since there are more family members these days who are willing to host a baby shower for a loved one.

The purpose of the throwing a baby shower to an expectant mom is to provide her gifts that she can use for her baby. Aside from that, it is also a fun way to welcome the arrival of the child with a bang! Traditionally, baby showers are planned for expectant moms only, but today they can also be planned for both mom and dad or even for dad alone.

Many expectant moms tend to register the gifts they want at their favorite department store. They can possibly have multiple registries if they want to or if it is necessary. A baby gift registry is an innovative way to give ease to the guests of a baby shower who want to bring gifts. With a baby gift registry, there’s no need for them to call the expectant mom for several times just to ask for information about the items she wants to receive at her shower.

Registering for a baby shower should probably be done as soon as the date of the event has been selected. The earlier a baby shower registry was made, the earlier also that guests can pick out gifts that they want to buy.

The mom-to-be however, should coordinate to the host of her baby shower when planning her registry. This is important because the host might have something in mind when it comes to the baby shower gifts as oppose to the plan that mom-to-be decided. It also makes sense if the information about the gift registry is going to be included to the  safari jungle Baby Shower Invitations, which the host should plan for.

There are many different gift items that a mom-to-be may include to her registry. Usually, it depends on whether it is for the first child or not. If it is, the registry could have a lot of different basic things that a new mom would need for her child. These are practical items such as baby bottles, clothing, receiving blankets, diapers, crib, a baby car seat, changing table, baby carrier, and other more. Before registering items, the mom-to-be must consider doing a consumer research to ensure that the items she picked have had good product reviews. Safety has always been an issue when it comes to baby gifts, thus it is just important for moms to be aware of safe and unsafe items for their precious infants.

One ideal way to register baby shower gifts is to include items that are at different range of prices. This is to provide the guests plenty of options that their budget can afford. Additionally, a baby shower can be made online. There are lots of websites these days that are not only offering a wide variety of baby gifts but also offer opportunities for expectant moms to register the presents they want for their baby shower.

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Hosting A Baby Shower?

Hosting a surprise baby shower is a fun exercise in empathy. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the expectant mother – her feelings, her personality, her character, and her schedule. You also need to make it a fun experience for her; if there are tears, they should be tears of joy.

Pre-Baby Shower Preparations

Carefully plan the baby shower. Since this is usually given on the third trimester, you should have plenty of time for party planning. Prepare a checklist of the things you need to do, and procure including an initial list of baby shower gifts you need your attendees to bring.

Decide on the party theme, number and gender of invitees, and the date and venue. Decide if you want the party to be a surprise or not; you want a pleasant surprise for the honoree, not unpleasant shock. Prepare the guest list, which should include everyone close to the expectant mother.

If the expectant mother is registered for gifts, inform the guests should they inquire. Just like the wedding, send the invitations at least three weeks before the party. Prepare the menu to reflect the theme; you can prepare the food, order takeout, or engage a caterer. Make sure that the food is prepared and delivered as agreed.

If possible, prepare the venue a day before the party. Harried preparations have a way of ruining what could have been a great baby shower. If possible, rehearse the flow of activities to ensure smooth transition.

You also need to coordinate the attendees’ baby shower gifts. You need to ensure that there will be no unnecessary duplication of gifts. A diaper cake is a great gift – attractive and usable – but discovering that almost all the guests brought diaper cakes and nothing else is impractical.

During the Baby Shower

Make sure that the party activities are followed as closely as possible. However, remain flexible as baby showers are meant to be relaxed fun, not a military drill. Just ensure that the food is served satisfactorily, the guests and honorees are comfortable, and everybody is having fun.

Keep track of the baby shower gifts being opened. Sometimes, guests will bring extra gifts aside from the coordinated baby shower gifts. This is perfectly acceptable and the expectant mother will appreciate these extra blessings. Keeping track of these baby gifts will help you and the mother write appropriate thank-you notes.

After the Baby Shower

When the baby shower is finished, expect a lot of discarded gift wrappings, take-home gift baskets and diaper cakes and an assortment of baby equipment from bathtubs to cribs. These baby shower gifts must be organized and brought home, assuming that the venue is outside the expectant mother’s house.

Help in making the venue as tidy as possible. You want your honoree to feel relaxed from start to end of the baby shower, not act as the cleaning maid.

Assist the expectant mother in making thank-you notes to the guests for their participation and their gifts. Your tracking list should guide you in thanking the guests for the specific items they brought. Avoid social faux pas due to negligence.

When you host a baby shower, just remember that you are celebrating motherhood and a new life. Make the baby shower a celebration filled with good cheer and a joyful gathering of family and good friends.

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Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

The best baby shower invitations ideas are both practical and sentimental. Plan your baby shower the way you would any other celebration, starting with the baby shower invitation. Invitations let everyone know the details of the upcoming event. The baby shower invitations set the tone and the theme for the event. Everyone gets excited when they see a baby shower invitation arrive in the mail. Again, the best baby shower invitations are beautiful, simple, and informative.

The first thing you need to do before you order invitations or make your own baby shower invitations is to decide on the theme of your party! You can choose from baby shower invitations ideas like teddy bears, ducks, baby bottles and diaper pins. And what colors do you want? Blue for boys, pink for girls, or yellow and green for the baby yet unseen?

You need to consider the mother’s personal style. Would she prefer bright and bold or subdued and sweet? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to get some input from those who know her best. Most of all what kind of baby shower invitations ideas would she like best? That’s the thing that will be saved in the baby scrapbook for the rest of the child’s life. After all, as much fun as it is for you to plan the baby shower, it is the mother and child who will cherish the special, once in a lifetime memory forever. So, plan well!

Once you have decided the theme for your baby shower party. Designing the baby shower invitation is the first step in letting all the family, friends and co-workers know. So you want to make a great first impression. Using the baby shower invitations ideas will help make everything run smoothly, and that’s the impression you want to give.

Now let’s get on with it, because those baby shower invitations need to be sent out weeks in advance to allow everyone time to shop for the perfect baby gifts and make travel plans if necessary. And you’ve got to figure in printing and delivery time as well. There is no time to waste.

You’ve finally chosen your theme, colors and you’re confident you know the mother’s style. What important details should be included? First and foremost is the date and time of the event and the location. You may consider including a map to the location if necessary for out of town guests. Include the RSVP information and the places where mother and baby are registered.

If the event is open to the guys, you need to say so. Otherwise, they will assume that this is a ladies only event. But having the guys around can be great fun! Don’t rule it out as a possibility.

Once you think you’ve got the details of the jungle Baby Shower Invitations down pat, it’s time to decide whether you should create them yourself or look for a printer. Creating baby invitations yourself is always an option, but you may decide it’s worth paying an expert for their services.

They can help you make decisions about baby shower invitations ideas you may be less familiar with. Like font colors, paper styles, baby shower invitation wording, and matching accessories like envelopes, thank you notes, and baby birth announcements.

If you decide to use a professional printing service, make sure you know what you’re paying for up front. Let them know your budget, but be aware that they will try to add on services. Know before you go into the sale exactly what you will and will not pay for.

Do you really want to pay for embossing or engraving or custom design? Do you want the heavier paper with accent ribbon that will cost more postage to mail as well as take longer to print and deliver? There are lots of choices for you and a little time spent in researching your options and asking good questions will go a long way and possibly save you money.

Whatever you decide, make the mother to be a special keepsake with these wonderful baby shower invitations ideas. Perhaps frame an invitation and display it at the baby shower, and then let her take it home as a gift. Or find a picture of the expectant mother. Then tuck it along with the baby invitation into a new baby scrapbook.

This will help get her started in saving all of her precious memories. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness. This is a special time in the mother’s life, and you will be appreciated for all that you do to welcome the newborn into the world.

How to Make an Invitation for Your Baby Shower

Baby shower is a custom in some regions, such as European and Australia.

It is held to relieve the pressure and dread of the mother-to-be, in addition, to let friends and relatives to send their blessings and share the happiness of welcoming a new baby. Through a baby shower, mothers can exchange experiences, which will be helpful to the mother-to-be, especially for one who is expecting her first baby.

How to make baby shower invitations?

Sending invitation can not only show your respect to your friends, but also show the importance you attached to the event. Since the space is limited, the content you write on the invitations should be simple and clear. Because the participants of a baby shower are all close friends, therefore, you can choose informal and plain sentences, which can show your affability and enthusiasm.

The design of baby shower invitations

If you are expecting a baby boy, you can choose blue color baby owl invitations, otherwise use pink ones. You can put one type-B ultrasonic image of your baby on the invitation. Of course, you can let your friends enjoy other photos of your baby in different stages in your house.

Babies are blessings from god. A great baby shower can let your friends share the happiness with you, and make you more prepared mentally for the upcoming new life.

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