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Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be a challenging but fun task. Here are some great baby shower ideas for your special party.

Party Food

Firstly, you must decide on what types of baby shower food you will have for your guests. Food is an excellent idea for a centerpiece as well. One great idea for party food is baby shower cakes. These cakes can include a variety of flavors, including ice cream cakes and cheesecakes.

There are so many other baby shower recipes that you can use. Mostly people will always appreciate good food, but you can also use blue and pink themes to create the mood. Shaping your food into rubber duck or teddy bear shapes is another great idea.

Candy and snacks are also nice to have on the table. One favorite idea is to get regular chocolate bars and decorate them with baby shower candy wrappers. These will make a tasty treat for all of your guests.

Party Themes

Try to think of some possible baby shower themes if you like. Any baby related items like bottles, diapers, and pacifiers are good ideas. Also storks and angels are great symbolic themes.


Baby shower crafts can be made if you are an artistic person. Perhaps the most popular craft idea is a baby shower diaper cake. These “cakes” are made of diapers, towels, and other useful baby items. They are not really cakes, but look like them and make a great centerpiece.

Homemade baby shower favors are another nice touch if you are a crafty person. Candles, soaps, and ceramic figurines are just a few ideas for favors for your guests. Some more nice baby shower favors to make are cookies and bath salts.

If you are a good writer, then you can create your own baby shower poems. These poems can be used for many purposes including decorations and favors. These poems are also great ideas for baby shower invitation wording. If you are not much of a writer, you can still create shorter baby shower verses that can be used.

Games and Entertainment

Finally, you will want some good baby shower game ideas. Games can include something simple like guessing the number or mini pacifiers in the bottle or variations of other games, like baby bingo. To make it even more fun, include some baby shower prizes for the winner.


Hosting A Baby Shower?

Hosting a surprise baby shower is a fun exercise in empathy. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the expectant mother – her feelings, her personality, her character, and her schedule. You also need to make it a fun experience for her; if there are tears, they should be tears of joy.

Pre-Baby Shower Preparations

Carefully plan the baby shower. Since this is usually given on the third trimester, you should have plenty of time for party planning. Prepare a checklist of the things you need to do, and procure including an initial list of baby shower gifts you need your attendees to bring.

Decide on the party theme, number and gender of invitees, and the date and venue. Decide if you want the party to be a surprise or not; you want a pleasant surprise for the honoree, not unpleasant shock. Prepare the guest list, which should include everyone close to the expectant mother.

If the expectant mother is registered for gifts, inform the guests should they inquire. Just like the wedding, send the invitations at least three weeks before the party. Prepare the menu to reflect the theme; you can prepare the food, order takeout, or engage a caterer. Make sure that the food is prepared and delivered as agreed.

If possible, prepare the venue a day before the party. Harried preparations have a way of ruining what could have been a great baby shower. If possible, rehearse the flow of activities to ensure smooth transition.

You also need to coordinate the attendees’ baby shower gifts. You need to ensure that there will be no unnecessary duplication of gifts. A diaper cake is a great gift – attractive and usable – but discovering that almost all the guests brought diaper cakes and nothing else is impractical.

During the Baby Shower

Make sure that the party activities are followed as closely as possible. However, remain flexible as baby showers are meant to be relaxed fun, not a military drill. Just ensure that the food is served satisfactorily, the guests and honorees are comfortable, and everybody is having fun.

Keep track of the baby shower gifts being opened. Sometimes, guests will bring extra gifts aside from the coordinated baby shower gifts. This is perfectly acceptable and the expectant mother will appreciate these extra blessings. Keeping track of these baby gifts will help you and the mother write appropriate thank-you notes.

After the Baby Shower

When the baby shower is finished, expect a lot of discarded gift wrappings, take-home gift baskets and diaper cakes and an assortment of baby equipment from bathtubs to cribs. These baby shower gifts must be organized and brought home, assuming that the venue is outside the expectant mother’s house.

Help in making the venue as tidy as possible. You want your honoree to feel relaxed from start to end of the baby shower, not act as the cleaning maid.

Assist the expectant mother in making thank-you notes to the guests for their participation and their gifts. Your tracking list should guide you in thanking the guests for the specific items they brought. Avoid social faux pas due to negligence.

When you host a baby shower, just remember that you are celebrating motherhood and a new life. Make the baby shower a celebration filled with good cheer and a joyful gathering of family and good friends.

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Baby Shower Gifts How To Choose One

One of the a lot of difficult ability to accept is a allowance for a new built-in baby. You too may accept faced this bind at some point of your life. In such a situation, it is accessible to apperceive that it is best to allowance things that are about useful. This is because a lot of of the parents do charge things that they can use. As such some of the best account of babyish battery ability are applied things.

The new built-in adolescent will not be anxious one bit about what you are alms him. Therefore, you should accept ability that will accomplish the parents happy. And a lot of ancestor absolutely like accepting ability that can be out to applied use.

One of the best account of allowance to be accustomed at a Babyish Battery is babyish allowance baskets. Such a allowance bassinet will hardly abort to amuse the parents of the new built-in baby. Usually a babyish allowance bassinet consists of actual accustomed things like babyish soap, babyish shampoo, babyish powder, diapers and added such things. These things may assume too accustomed to allowance but parents usually like these types of ability because they are absolutely absolutely advantageous for them. Of advance you cannot allowance such things alone because again they would assume actual mundane. But if you amalgamate them they tend to anatomy a absolutely nice gift. You can aswell add things like toys and added such things which will added enhance the gift.

Another acceptable abstraction for ability to yield to a Babyish Battery is babyish books. Of course, they would not be bare immediately, but the parents will wish to accept them about because babies yield absorption in pictures and being actual quickly. You can aswell allowance colouring books and crayons and such items. They too will not be bare immediately, but like babyish books, the parents will wish to accept them handy. Allowance certificates are aswell a actual acceptable idea. They are not the acceptable gifts. Allowance certificates are an avant-garde way of giving ability at a babyish shower.

Therefore, if you accept been arrive to a babyish battery again alms items of applied use is the best idea. You can acquisition such ability at a array of babyish stores. You will accept a ample alternative of items to accept from. You can aswell boutique from online stores. Shopping online is a actual acceptable abstraction because you will get bigger bargains online.