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Black and white wedding invitations – what are your invites saying?

Dramatic. Elegant. Just plain cool. Few color combinations say as much as the classic black and white pairing. That’s why it’s become a go-to theme for brides who want to make a statement. If this two-tone combo is part of your big day, then black and white wedding invitations are a timeless way to announce your upcoming ceremony.
Black and white wedding invitations
Cool – Sure black and white wedding invitations are elegant, but they’re also cool–think Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. With this color choice, you’re going to appear way too cool for loud colors or busy color palettes.

Fun – Don’t get roped into using these bi-color invites only for formal affairs. Black and white can be fun, too. This two-color theme also works well for whimsical marriage stationery, such as adorable penguins, or for bold graphic images, such as modern black dots on a crisp white paper.
Black and white floral wedding invitations
Surprising -Make black and white wedding invitations pop by splashing color onto the invite. If you’re having a formal summer ceremony, wrap the invitation in a sunflower yellow tie. Or you might use one of the rising trends in marriage stationery: black and white invitations with a colorful solid or printed wrap.

Another surprising addition to conventional Black and white wedding invitations is graphic patterns. Fashion-forward brides are increasingly incorporating bold patterns on the wraps that surround some invitation designs. Many of the trendiest patterns have been inspired by Japanese kimono prints.

Dazzling – Bring on the “wow” factor by sending black and white invitations with jewels attached. If diamonds are your best friend, attach a diamond-look jewel to the invite. For fall or winter nuptials, add a brilliant red jewel to the invite. The contrast between the paper and a gem can make the stationery seem that much more fabulous.

One of the best aspects of black and white invitations is that they often look like you spent a fortune even if you didn’t. They’re also one of the easiest DIY wedding projects because you don’t need to stress out about whether your printer will produce that perfect shade of yellow you’re looking for. Instead, print in black ink and you’re on your way to an inexpensive invite that only looks like a million dollars.

For a more contemporary look, find an invitation with a thick black border or paper in an unusual size or shape. You’ll get the classic two-color look with a modern sensibility.

Dramatic – There’s no rule saying brides must print black ink on white paper. Be bold by printing white text on black paper stock. This look isn’t for everyone, but if you have a quirky sense of style and want to surprise your guests, these black and white wedding invitations are the way to go.

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