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Ombre Hair Extensions!? Demo + Review!

Ombre Hair Extensions!? Demo + Review!:


Easy Updo for Long Hair on Youtube

Easy Updo for Long Hair on Youtube

updo for long hair


updo for long hair







updo for long hair


updo for long hair


Easy updo hairstyles DIY with extensions. For more information, visit:


I love wedding invitations that go beyond the normal. Thought I’d share a few of my recent loves…

Invitations on hankerchiefs by Lucky Luxe Couture.

handkerchief wedding invitations

This gorgeous invitation suite by Bird and Banner was hand-printed on vintage hankies + post cards.

wedding napkin invite

Another sweet invite with cotton muslin stitched onto dark wood grain embossed paper by Bird and Banner.

sewn wedding invitations bird and banner

Cute fabric pouches which held the letter pressed invitation and rsvp card (the fabrics also made an appearance at the reception on custom designed signs + menus!) – also by Bird and Banner.

sewn wedding invitations bird and banner

And this lovely invite by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper.  From Anna, For their invitation we decided to play up their love for handmade with a hand sewn invitation design. I used embroidery thread and sewed it directly into paper to create the design and then added hand painted lettering before scanning the art for printing. She then scanned the design for the actual invites – simply stunning!

embroidery wedding invitation

hand sewn map of brooklyn wedding invite

wedding invitation suite hand sewn

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

The best baby shower invitation ideas help everyone to have fun without adding stress on the expectant mother. Planning for a newborn can be overwhelming to each family member, so providing the best baby shower invitation ideas with fun and little effort on Mom helps to give the baby shower lasting feelings of friendship and love.Baby Shower Invitation

Many baby showers focus on one or two fun areas that make the shower a party, but the best baby shower invitation ideas also create cherished memories as a gift that lasts for years after the celebration. These baby shower invitation wording ideas can help you get your messages across best –

One of the Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas is the Children�s Book Theme. Ask each guest to include her favorite child�s book for the new baby�s library-to-be. Most guests usually bring more than one book and it�s a great way for everyone to reminisce about special memories at the party. Include a separate note in the invitation reminding each guest to write a short message for the new baby to eventually read why that book was your guest�s favorite.

Second on the list of Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas is the Handy Week Helpers for the Couple Theme. Organize a week of short, but helpful activities as part of the group event, where some of the invited guests offer an hour of assistance one day of the week just before the Baby Shower.

Some suggestions for the week:

* No-Cook Monday: One or two of the guests brings dinner for the couple.
* Foot Massage Tuesday
* Walk-The-Dog Wednesday
* Wash-The-Car Thursday
* Mow-The-Yard Friday

Have this Best Baby Shower Invitation Idea on Saturday when everyone shows up in casual handy helper clothes to either enjoy time together or to finish projects around the house agreed to in advance. The Handy Week Helpers is a lot less work than it appears and it can be one of the most rewarding Baby Showers you�ll ever attend.

Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas three: Baby Grows Up Theme � Guests arrive dressed as their parents and write in a memento book the most treasured item their parents taught that made their lives most meaningful. Each guest reads her contribution at the shower and the book becomes an added keepsake for the baby. Add your Favorite Baby Shower Games or see some free baby shower games here:

Remember husbands, too! Increasingly today, the best baby shower invitation ideas include mothers with proud husbands. Click here for more of the Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for girls only, couples together and even husbands only

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