Royalty and Elegant Purple Wedding Invitations

Weddings are big days for all the brides and grooms, and every part of the wedding cannot be ignored, especially the wedding invitations.A perfect wedding card gives a primal and brief insight to the guests how the wedding might actually be. Under this circumstance, it is not that easy to pick the suitable invites,for the theme ,place, time of your wedding and other factors have to be considered. When it comes to the theme of wedding invites, the color of the invites can be very important.

purple hearts wedding invitations

When picking the color of your invitation cards, the time of your wedding should especially be taken into consideration, and of course your favorites as well.Traditionally, ivory and white may be the main color of the wedding cards. And colors like purple and orange has become more and more popular in recent years. Today we will talking about purple wedding invitations.

Purple and Gold Wedding Invitation

Often considered the color of royalty, purple is romantic, regal and flattering to almost all skin tones. It is a perfect combination of red-hot and cool blue. A deep purple is said to evoke passion, and that’s just right for your wedding day. A soft purple, like lavender is romantic and delicate enough.If your big day is in spring, use shades such as lilac and lavender; the brighter purple hues for summer and more royalty deep and dark purples for both fall and winter.

Combining several shades makes your wedding invites particularly beautiful.Purple goes well with ivory,cream ,gold, lime green,etc.Here are some examples for you.

purple envelope wedding invitations

Ivory and dark purple:When print your wedding wordings ,ivory paper and dark purple print can be wonderful, and also you can use lilac insert cards and envelopes with dark purple printing.

Purple and lime green: Purple and lime green create a powerful color contrast and a extraordinary romantic feel to your wedding stationery. This color combination can be used if you prefer a vintage style wedding.

Purple Wedding Invitations

Lavender and dark purple: Lavender and dark purple would certainly enhance the royalty and elegant feel of your wedding. It will deeply impressed your guests how the wedding will be.

To really carry out your theme color, in addition to the Purple Wedding Invitations, the decorations of your wedding should be purple as well. For instance, you can decorate the aisle pews with garlands of tulle or wide ribbon in purple and attach a large bow at the top of each swag.And if purple or lavender ring pillows, unity candles,and guest books can be found on your wedding ,that’s will definitely be fabulous.


Wedding Invitation Colour Schemes – Ideas For the Perfect Invitations For Your Wedding

Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding invitations is very important. Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests receive of your wedding day theme. Your colour scheme should also reflect you and your partner’s personality.

wedding invitations

Cream and Gold

Gold foil compliments cream hammered card perfectly. The cream and gold together creates a warmth to your wedding invitations. Maybe use gold ribbon to add something extra to the design. Combine with a deep rich red for autumn weddings.

wedding invitations 02

White and Silver

White and silver creates a chic feel to your wedding invitations. For a simple design choose a postcard style invitation and have your wedding details printed in raised silver ink. White and silver also make a good combination for winter weddings. Choose a design such as snowflake design printed in silver. White and silver can also be combined with black to great effect.

wedding invitations pocket 03

Purple and Lime Green

Purple and lime green create a powerful colour contrast. The purple adds an element of luxury, think royal purple, whilst the lime green adds a touch of zest. This colour combination is for couples who like a bit of drama and who aren’t afraid to be different.


Red and Mint Green

Red and mint green are strong contrasting colours. But because of the softness of the mint and the associations of the colour red (love, romanticism) these colours create a romantic feel to your wedding stationery. This is a also a good colour combination for 1950’s or vintage inspired weddings.

wedding invitations 05

Pink and White

Pink and white creates a soft romantic feel. Perhaps have a photo of pink roses printed on a bright white wedding invitation with your names on the front of the design in silver foil.

Black and White

Monochrome wedding invitations have a timeless feel. Maybe have a photo of yourselves printed on the front of your invites in black and white. For a chic feeling design, choose a simple white invitation with an embossed border. Combine this with your wedding details printed in raised black ink.

Chocolate and Cream

A neutral combination which can compliment many other colours especially pastel shades. A good combination for wedding stationery at your wedding reception, where you may not be able to control the colour of the decor such as curtains and wallpaper.

Charming Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You’ve set the big day for your upcoming wedding, and now it’s time to announce it to the world!

So it is vital that you create the perfect invitation to set the tone for the event and cultivate anticipation among your friends, family members and other guests. Here are some charming ideas for announcing your big day.

Charming Wedding Invitations

Treasured Gems Collection

Ideal for the bride who wants her wedding to be the event of the season. A lovely flat card is inserted through a handsome backer card and then tied together with a neat satin ribbon. The black ink incorporates Antique Roman and Shelley Allegro lettering, and the invitation is available in 15 backer card colors.

Charming Wedding Invitation

Diamond Hearts Collection

Some couples prefer their invitations to be straightforward and timeless. This simple white card is adorned with two intertwined hearts inside a diamond shape above the Copperplate Gothic and Citadel Script lettering in black ink. An optional red ribbon can be tied across the card.

beautiful floral wedding invitations

Uptown Swirl Collection

Guests will know immediately that this wedding will be a swanky occasion to remember. The text is horizontally-aligned, and a chic black swirl decorates the left third of the white card. The details of your event are prominently displayed in black ink with Snell Roundhand lettering.

beautiful pocket wedding invitations

Watercolor Floral Collection

This choice creates a theme that is equal parts beautiful and artistic. The horizontally-aligned invitation comes with an eye-catching floral design in one of three color selections on the left side of the card, and it can be accented with a soft satin ribbon if you so desire. The black ink lettering is presented in both Sackers Light Classic and Helinda Rook styles.

Charming Wedding Invitations 01

Your wedding invitation is not only a way to request the presence of your loved ones on your big day. It will also serve as an eternal reminder of the moment that you and your true love became one. Find your favorite design now.

read about Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique Wedding Invitations

Wedding is definitely considered as the once in a life event which can be really significant to the whole life of the couples. No one wants their life to be ruined by any kind of imperfections happens in the wedding, be it trivial or huge. That’s why so much attention has been put in the wedding planning.

Wedding is definitely considered as the once in a life event which can be really significant to the whole life of the couples. No one wants their life to be ruined by any kind of imperfections happens in the wedding, be it trivial or huge. That’s why so much attention has been put in the wedding planning.

To be honest, among all the details concerning the wedding planning, wedding invitations have constantly serving as one of the most important parts in the preparation for wedding. To make your wedding charming and to leave no regrets, making your invitation cards shiny and adorable is definitely a fabulous choice. And what we are going to talk about today is a way to make intriguing wedding invites.

unique wedding invitations stylesunique wedding invitations styles

unique Wedding invitationunique Wedding invitation

unique wedding invitation card designunique wedding invitation card design

Unique wedding invitations are actually all the rage these days for the special charms they allow people to have in the wedding and it also saves you the trouble of having similar designs with others if you really want to have distinct invitation cards.

First of all, wedding outdoor, especially in an ocean, are full of adventures. You should check the weather days before the big day in case that it rains or having a storm, which will not only ruin the wedding but also your mood.

Besides, cost is another issue you need to take care of. Having more fun is of course cost you more than the original weddings. Hence, if you are dying to have a yacht wedding, yet you expect everything goes in budget, then try to save money in some other items like wedding invitations, bridal jewel and things like that.

You may now feel confused of how to make your cards unique? The answer is, actually, very easy. Simply add some of your favorite elements into the cards will make great change to the invitations. For example, if you are a big fan of some sports or books, you may get them through your invitations by any styles, be it photo or word. Anyway, you can make great unique wedding invitations by imagination.

Another way to obtain unique invitations is to try to get your own cards, which is also called DIY wedding invites. You can make your invites whatever you like by your wild imagination and creativity.


I love wedding invitations that go beyond the normal. Thought I’d share a few of my recent loves…

Invitations on hankerchiefs by Lucky Luxe Couture.

handkerchief wedding invitations

This gorgeous invitation suite by Bird and Banner was hand-printed on vintage hankies + post cards.

wedding napkin invite

Another sweet invite with cotton muslin stitched onto dark wood grain embossed paper by Bird and Banner.

sewn wedding invitations bird and banner

Cute fabric pouches which held the letter pressed invitation and rsvp card (the fabrics also made an appearance at the reception on custom designed signs + menus!) – also by Bird and Banner.

sewn wedding invitations bird and banner

And this lovely invite by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper.  From Anna, For their invitation we decided to play up their love for handmade with a hand sewn invitation design. I used embroidery thread and sewed it directly into paper to create the design and then added hand painted lettering before scanning the art for printing. She then scanned the design for the actual invites – simply stunning!

embroidery wedding invitation

hand sewn map of brooklyn wedding invite

wedding invitation suite hand sewn

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Choose Vintage Wedding Invitations For Your Wedding

Hi ,guy, when you page through the latest fashion magazine, skimming over the masterpieces of various international reputable brands, you may easily find that the latest design concept is vintage. Believe it or not , you can just search the latest fashion show of Louis Vuitton on Youtube . Indeed, vintage style has set off a new rush in the past few years. For your forthcoming wedding ceremony , if you don’t mind ,why not take vintage style into consideration even there are various options for you .Here I would like to mention is that at permanent times, the world has stepped into a hectic, fast paced period , take the aid of classicism , hark back to a simper situation, make everything slow down , enjoy the beauty around, retrospect the niceness in the past. Vintage wedding cards, setting as clue for your wedding ceremony ,will inform your guests what they can look forward to your big day. Hence, you should learn how to prepare for your vintage wedding invitations .Here comes with my advices.



Before you start to choose vintage wedding invitations, first take your time to think it over that the era your wedding ceremony is going to encompass. That’s quite important. The trend and the design may be diversified in different periods. So you have various options to choose from .At present ,the most popular periods are 1930s, 1940s, 1950s.For example, gravure intaglio printing style is quite in, while in 1940s, people would like those wedding invitations with delicate borders. Deciding which time period that your wedding ceremony is going to embody will function as a compass for the subsequent work.


After you have decide the era theme of your ceremony, what you need to do is pick the right color for your wedding cards. That’s not quite difficult job. But what I want to remind you is that compared with modern wedding invitations , the vintage style is more cautious in color scheme. For modern wedding stationery ,obtrusive colors are widely used while for the vintage style, the designer prefer to use pastels. If you stick to use bolder colors in the style, that’s not amiss. But pay attention to the visual effect and the harmony of the whole design, otherwise your endeavor will turn into a mess.


Furthermore, you should also consider the crafting and printing technology of your cheap purple  vintage wedding invitations . It is obvious that those goods made from an engraved block will look more classical, but you should also notice the truth that wedding invitations with complicated crafting may add the prime cost. If you don’t worry about your budget , you can choose what you want ,otherwise I suggest you pick the digital printing style. Though digital printing vintage wedding invitations look less professional, but at least they are cheap and look not bad.

Picking vintage wedding invitations is a good knowledge. There are also many details you should pay attention to. Good luck with you.