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Charming Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You’ve set the big day for your upcoming wedding, and now it’s time to announce it to the world!

So it is vital that you create the perfect invitation to set the tone for the event and cultivate anticipation among your friends, family members and other guests. Here are some charming ideas for announcing your big day.

Charming Wedding Invitations

Treasured Gems Collection

Ideal for the bride who wants her wedding to be the event of the season. A lovely flat card is inserted through a handsome backer card and then tied together with a neat satin ribbon. The black ink incorporates Antique Roman and Shelley Allegro lettering, and the invitation is available in 15 backer card colors.

Charming Wedding Invitation

Diamond Hearts Collection

Some couples prefer their invitations to be straightforward and timeless. This simple white card is adorned with two intertwined hearts inside a diamond shape above the Copperplate Gothic and Citadel Script lettering in black ink. An optional red ribbon can be tied across the card.

beautiful floral wedding invitations

Uptown Swirl Collection

Guests will know immediately that this wedding will be a swanky occasion to remember. The text is horizontally-aligned, and a chic black swirl decorates the left third of the white card. The details of your event are prominently displayed in black ink with Snell Roundhand lettering.

beautiful pocket wedding invitations

Watercolor Floral Collection

This choice creates a theme that is equal parts beautiful and artistic. The horizontally-aligned invitation comes with an eye-catching floral design in one of three color selections on the left side of the card, and it can be accented with a soft satin ribbon if you so desire. The black ink lettering is presented in both Sackers Light Classic and Helinda Rook styles.

Charming Wedding Invitations 01

Your wedding invitation is not only a way to request the presence of your loved ones on your big day. It will also serve as an eternal reminder of the moment that you and your true love became one. Find your favorite design now.

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